Bookstagram Burnout

So do you ever get into something, like starting a random Tumblr, or beginning a journal where you tell yourself you’re going to write or post every day, and it’s super fun! You throw yourself at it and all the ideas are flowing – nothing can bring you down on your project. Then, after the initial excitement dies down, what seemed so fun in the beginning slowly starts to get a little difficult to keep up. It gets harder to be creative and getting to the task that used to be so easy suddenly feels like a struggle.

Does that sound familiar?

This isn’t strictly something that happens on Instagram; burnout can happen with any activity, like say, trying to finish writing your first novel? It can be called burnout, writer’s block, or smacking into a metaphorical brick wall, but I’ve found that these points of struggle and overcoming them are what differentiates those who succeed in their goals and those who eventually cop out. That sounds terrible, I know, but having been there one too many times on projects, I know how disheartening burnout can be.

I started my bookstagram around May 2016, and since then I’ve had two bouts of burnouts so far. One of them I pushed my way through, though I ended up with some pretty crappy pictures, too… Yeah, I’m sorry for those of you who had to be there to witness them! The second burnout is happening now – thus the idea for this post! – and I haven’t been dealing with it as well as I was hoping to.

So why the heck am I writing this post? Honestly, I don’t know. But here are a few things to do while going through bookstagram burnout!

One is to never stop doing what you’re doing. I’m a huge advocate of posting at least once a day, especially if you want to stay active on bookstagram and keep the new algorithm from leaving your posts at the bottom of all your friends’ feeds. Even if you don’t want to post or take pictures, at least try. This is exactly how I pushed through my first burnout, and it worked!

One of my pictures during my first burnout

That being said, recently I’ve taken a day or two off from posting here and there, and this is mostly due to my current unmotivated burnout. Though I do sometimes have to run off without preset photos on my phone to help watch my friend’s puppy or for family functions. But here’s the next suggestion – take a break from bookstagram! Yup, the exact opposite of what I’d just said to do. While I think posting everyday is ideal, I know that feeling stressed about posting or feeling frustrated with staging props isn’t what bookstagram is about. Where’s the fun? So taking a few days off might help. Not that I’ve ever taken long amounts of time away from bookstagram, but as a last resort I probably would.

Next thing? Put down the freaking phone and read! I don’t care if it’s a trashy romance novel or a super epic fantasy, just grab a book and read. Why? Well, as a bookstagrammer, the one reason why we started bookstagram in the first place was to show off our books and connect with other book nerds! Take the stress off of feeling like posting and staging is a chore, and go back to the basics, which for us means enjoying books. It seems simple, but for me specifically? It’s actually pretty tough when my mind is constantly worrying about when the next bookshoot will be, what challenge day it is, when to post, and staying active. Sometimes just sitting and reading will help. Or at least that’s what I’m counting on when I start reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas! I plan on doing a Sarah J. Maas book takeover this October!

That being said, be very careful with spending too much time watching shows. This one is dangerous for me, so trust me when I say I know. I binge watch shows and anime (some with 10+ seasons!) and while it’s a great way to relax and get out of your head, don’t let it take over your day. A fun way to use shows as motivation is watching a show while writing blog posts, which is something I’m doing right now. Half my screen has Supernatural playing on Netflix and the other half is my writing. It goes by a little slower, but I find I can get quite a big done! As long as you’re a fair multitasker.

The next thing I’ve been considering doesn’t directly have anything to do with Instagram at all, but rather us as people. I feel like lifestyle tends to coincide with our overall energy and motivation, and as some of you from bookstagram may know about me, I’m inherently one of those glass half empty people kind of people. So for me, being energetic and positive can be hard on certain days. I changing up my home routines can help with feeling good again and kick start me back into my groove. This I’ll be trying to do as well by getting into a more set sleeping routine!


Another thing I’ve taken to doing is listening to music that makes me rock out and dance. Yes, if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, think of how Meredith and Christina dance it out! Some of my favourite songs that make me smile are 90s to early 2000s throwbacks!

There’s nothing better than feeling reenergised and getting back to doing what you love and loving what you do. I hope this post helped someone, because for me it helped clear my thoughts quite a bit.

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