5 Ways to Achieve Your Reading Goals

Yes, I’m back and ready to rumble- er, I mean write! We’re nearly a month into 2017 already and by now you’re either taking your Goodreads reading goal by storm or you haven’t yet finished a single book. Does that sound about right?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there.

My own reading goals are a little different from the usual of setting a number of books to complete for the year. To me that’s just boring, and honestly? It’s far too easy to let the numbers slip. So here are ways to make your reading goals more fun and more achievable!

1 ) Set a thematic reading goal.

Instead of your goal being a number of books, why not try challenging yourself to a fun theme to follow instead? For example, my 2017 reading goal is to read at least one series per month (this may take two months if it’s a long series). Now that sounds daunting, but instead of giving myself a number to hit or setting a monthly To Be Read list that I’ll never end up following anyway, I get to enjoy a full series of books I can eagerly spend my time devouring! Bonous points if I fit in an extra read or two in the same month!

Want some other ideas for reading goal themes? Try setting a specific genre of book per month! Or one month is dedicated to one author’s books alone. Perhaps some books have been sitting unread on your shelf for too long – why not dedicate certain months as “cleaning up your shelf reads” months? Or try staggering your monthly goals by reading a series one month and only standalones the next. Challenge yourself with classics, or reminisce with childhood rereads! The options are endless and it is so much more fun than hitting numbers.

2 ) Have weekly goals.

When I was studying at university, I had to read a lot all the time. Forget looking a month ahead – I had enough books on my plate to worry about for the end of the week! So what about giving yourself weekly goals if monthly or yearly goals are too daunting? Dedicate one week to your current read, or set yourself a goal of reading one or two books per week. The goal suddenly seems so much smaller than a big bad monthly TBR, and finding time between weekly schedules is much easier than thinking too far ahead.

3 ) Find a visual way to keep track of your progress.

Now this is a fun one, and those of you who love to bullet journal will agree with this idea. If you’re feeling little motivation to get reading, why not show yourself how far you’ve come through the year? Crack open that journal and keep track of every book you finish – you’d be surprised by how satisfying it is to sit at the end of the year and see how many books you really went through. Nothing wrong with an ego boost to end the year off, right?

I know what you’re thinking, tracking your reads is just too boring. But what if it wasn’t? Here’s a look at my reading tracker in my journal, and let me tell you I am very eager to get through more books just to see how colourful my tracking shelf is going to look like at the end of the year!

4 ) Pull Titles Out of a Jar.

This little challenge is classic. Instead of worrying about hitting yearly goals, why not make a game out of reading? Grab a jar or a mug – preferably fun and bookish! – and write out all the books you wish to read this year. Don’t worry you can always add more titles as your TBR grows or as new releases come out. Toss all the titles into your jar or mug and after completing your current read, let your next one be a mystery!

I adore this idea for two reasons. Firstly, it is extremely fun! I don’t know about you but I’m the type who loves the anticipation of not knowing what I’m going to get from a draw of chance. And second, it is hugely motivating not knowing what read will come next! This may just be me, but I am far more likely to keep reading my current read knowing that I’ll also get to surprise myself with drawing my next read at the end of it.

5 ) Buddy Read!

I have a friend on bookstagram who sets herself a schedule dedicated to buddy reading alone. And when I say she sets a schedule, it is completely flexible, but she has months planned out. Talk about organised! I for one don’t buddy read all that much and just began doing so this past winter with a few bookstagram friends. Let me tell you, when you’re reading a book with someone, your inner book nerd comes out in spades! After reading a chapter you get to rant, gush, and basically thought vomit with your buddy! Okay that sounded gross, but trust me – when you have someone to talk to about all your thoughts, reading is so much more enjoyable! And this method is great for meeting your goals – you don’t want to get left behind in your buddy reading, now do you?

So there you have it! Five ways to hopefully make reading more fun and hitting your yearly goals a little bit more manageable. Let me know what your reading goals are and what you do / are planning to do to achieve them!

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