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I Did the Unthinkable – I Listened to Audiobooks…and Liked it

This month has been ridiculously busy for me. I have a very uneven schedule at work so nothing is ever really set in stone, and a lot of people have been reaching out to me for numerous things. I’ve been trying to blog more, and even write more too – where is the time to read?!

In a moment of insanity, of pure desperation to get my reading fix in any way I could, I downloaded Audible and started listening to my current read at the time, which was The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. And guess what? I liked it.

Stunned silence ensues.

Based on the sheer fact that sometimes my mind wanders while a book is literally right in front of me, I have always thought there was no way I’d be able to listen and pay attention to some voice telling me a story. But I actually found that I was able to actively listen while getting ready for work and putting on my make up, or while driving to and from work – even looking forward to the commute! What is this magic?

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel like there is a bit of learning curve here! I definitely had moments when my mind started thinking about something else and I had to rewind because I had no idea what was just said in the story. Or I would sometimes have difficulty getting a grip or real sense of what the syntax and diction was like because I wasn’t the one actively reading the words. I even had moments when I had no idea how characters got here or there, mostly because my brain isn’t accustomed to following or imagining stories and images and actions while being told the story.

That said, I really don’t think I’ll be giving up audiobooks – it’s my new music to play in the car or when I’m doing tasks! Plus it helps me feel much less anxious and stressed, which I did not expect but is an amazing side-effect. It also makes me feel like I can “read” two books at once – one physical, one audio. So here’s what I plan on listening to:

  1. Books I probably wouldn’t want to read, or at least aren’t ones I’d usually pick up and want to engage with.
    So likely books outside of fantasy or just books I don’t feel like I absolutely have to have. I will be reading A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab physically still, but I might jump on the audio for Illuminae, which I hear is a phenomenal audio anyway!
  2. Books I have but am having a hard time getting into.
  3. Just fun light reads I think I’d enjoy but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to put in my cart normally.
    These are probably going to be some fun contemporary romcoms.

*Update: I am definitely 100% addicted to audiobooks…

Tell me your experiences with audiobooks! Would you try them? And if you have, what audiobooks do you recommend?

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