About Blog

Hey friends, welcome to my blog!

Shot Me In The Book was created completely on a whim and I honestly can’t guarantee anything fancy from it. However, I can guarantee some hit or miss humour, a little bit of rambling, and a lot of honesty. I write reviews on books I’ve read and fun bookish things like subscription boxes and fandom shops. Here is the place where I can gush over merch like candles, temporary tattoos, bookmarks, and beautiful art. I also write about book/reading habits, or as I call it “readerdom”, which I think my fellow bookies will will love.

I will post occasional updates about my journey on bookstagram (@shotmeinthebook) and some bookstagram FAQ how-to’s. I may even ramble about my novel writing! I can talk writing strategies, cultural trends in the book world, and movies and TV shows, too! Really, anything goes on this blog.

You will occasionally get a post or two on anime and manga because my love for them knows no bounds. There may be a little corner of this blog called Shot of Anime that will be dedicated to my thoughts on the graphic novels and animated shows, as well as some cultural trends I notice. And don’t worry, gushing about Pokemon GO is 100% approved here!

I warn you, though, I can be a bit wordy when I write! I tend to be pretty thorough in my explanations, but hopefully you’ll enjoy my ramblings. Feel free to comment and join on any of my posts!

I think that’s about all there is to this blog. I hope you enjoy it!