Review Policy

If you are a publisher with a book or series you would like to request for review consideration and/or Instagram feature, I am currently open to receiving solicited Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and Review Copies of books. I’m afraid I won’t be taking any unsolicited works at the moment.

In terms of genre, I absolutely love reading fantasy books, whether it be urban/paranormal fantasy, high fantasy or mythology, I’ll definitely be drawn to it. I like me a good steamy romance as well, and any book incorporated with romance, whether it’s the primary genre or not, is a huge plus for me!

Genres Accepted:

  • Fantasy (high fantasy, mythological/historical, urban/paranormal, etc.)
  • Romance

I read novels for all ages including children’s novels, but I prefer Young Adult, New Adult, or books meant for older audiences.

While I’ll definitely consider all review copies given to me for review consideration, with a busy schedule and reading and reviewing being a hobby, I reserve the right to refuse. Also keep in mind that I very highly prefer printed copies over digital copies.

When reviews go up on my blog, they also get posted across all my social media, including Instagram, TwitterGoodreads, and Litsy.

If you wish to email me a request make sure to include as much information as possible, such as a summary of the book or series, the author, whether it is up for review consideration, when the book is to be released, and when you would prefer the review to be submitted by. Of course, I’ll email when my review is finished.

Suggested details to include in request:

  • The titleauthor, and a summary
  • The genre
  • If it’s for review consideration and/or Instagram feature
  • Release date and preferred date of review submission
  • The target audience
  • Any fun additional pieces of information about the books

All the reviews I write are based solely on my honest opinion. I try to convey all parts of the book that I believe both enhanced the enjoyment of the story and/or took away from it. Writing is a passion of mine, so I completely understand that these stories are the products of hard work and are in my hands at the expense of a lot of courage on the part of the authors. I will never use derogatory language in order to disrespect an author, but I will always voice my truthful opinion on a work.